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Collier Computer Systems is a small, family-run shop that repairs almost everything technology-related, from computer and laptop repairs, to home and home-office services. We provide quality-computer repairs, discreet onsite daytime or nighttime repairs. Even onsite repairs on weekends and weekend evenings are not an issue. All services are scheduled by appointment only. Call today for next day service.

Naples Florida is a unique place where some of the worlds' wealthiest people come to vacation and play; they bring their top-end laptops and Smartphone's with them and need a reputable, secure and private repair company to service their needs. Southwest Florida is not the kind of environment that would support shoddy repair companies to exist for long - once they have that kind of reputation, they may as well close-up shop and move well north! We have been repairing computers for over 22 years (~1992). With 15 years right here in Naples!

By hiring a smaller, concierge, repair company (like us) you will receive top-notch customer service, that's because the owner is also the Engineer, who is also the person you will speak to if a problem with your repair or service. At Collier Computer, we take customer satisfaction very seriously; taking the necessary additional steps to follow-up on your repair, offer additional services that other computer repair companies cannot offer and usually at a price they cannot match, or anything that would improve your overall service experience. It's the 'one-to-one' customer service that makes us better than our competition.


"Our reputation is at stake, with every service call we make . . ."




Laptop Repair

Everything inside of a laptop has been carefully designed with 'space management' in mind, meaning; repairs often require special parts ordering. A single laptop model may have several different components, depending on the laptop model or brand, we may need to open the laptop case to locate the exact replacement part number that you require. This can add time to the overall turn-around repair time.

Data Recovery

Once your PC or laptop stops working, the most important thing to do is locate a reputable data recovery company. If your computer is infected with a harmful virus or your device just stopped working - never try to fix it yourself, unless you know exactly what you're doing. Self-repair 'attempts' account for more lost data than hardware failure alone. We have a very high success rate of data recovery, even on drives that other shops claim are impossible to read . . .

System Speed-up

Does your computer seem slower than it did when you first bought it?
Chances are, that IT IS actually running slower!
That's because over time your computer gets loaded up with all sorts of temporary files, junk folders, old installation and backup files; plus files that are no longer usable by your computer. Only a fully-qualified system repairman can remove the right files to free-up your computer and increase speed!

Virus Removal

Everyday hundreds of newly created harmful viruses, Trojans and worms are released into cyberspace. Having the right software protection is key. Virus removal can be a costly and devastating experience, that makes the most careless users quickly pay attention. Data Protection is much easier than Data Recovery; and it is way cheaper! Ask your Engineer about Backup Solutions and/or Disaster Recovery plans.



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