Collier Computer Systems, LLC closed it's doors to the general public on June 15th, 2016.

All services that have been paid in advance by clients will continue until their renewal date. At that time all clients will receive notice of closure and no new renewals will occur. We are closing due to my inability to meet the demands of the job, along with my illness which leaves me exhausted at days end, and the inability to appear for scheduled jobs and the inability to drive myself to client locations.

All of these factors were considered before making this business decision. We would like to thank all our dedicated repeat clients for their trust over the past ten (10) years of our operation in Naples. Most we are sad to see go, others we are happy to see end! Not really, 99% of our clients were pleasant to work with.

Shortly, we will post another computer repair company, like CCS, that you can call for computer support, hopefully, with close to the same price range. Though that may be a tall order - CCS was one of the very least expensive repair company in southwest Florida.

- Jerry Landry II, MCSE/Owner



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